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What's Going On with this World!

By Leon Michalik

The US should send troops to this country because fundamentally, their president is asking for help, and secondly, there are masses of injuries. This is a small country against the most momentous one in the world and all we are doing is standing by and watching.

I do not maintain that conveying supplies is enough. For example President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine said “I call on you to do more. This shows that the President of their country is asking for assistance. Another quote from the New York Times shows that Ukraine needs assistance and is taking heavy casualties.A soldier propped up by his comrades, his face a mass of mangled flesh, walked in the main gate. The dark green stretcher that awaited him was one of several still covered in blood.” This shows that Ukraine has large quantities of injuries and needs help.

Overall, I believe that the US should dispatch troops to Ukraine because they are in dire need of help.



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