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Time To Fly

Content Creation


Performing Arts


At butterfly scholars we care not only about our students, but about education and creativity. 

We don't only teach...we all learn from life

and can teach another something wonderfully new! 

​Scholars have access to our media group sponsored by Chrysalis Camera. The possibilities are endless! We create podcasts, videos, music and so much more that we share with the world on our social media platforms.

What We Add

What We Do.

Film Reel


We span across multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Tik Tok and Instagram.


Podcast/Talk Show

​Not all of us have time to watch videos. Butterfly scholars & chrysalis camera are working carefully to create high-quality content carefully that is fun and educational.


​Working together

​Editing, recording and production are super cool! But they're not possible without team work.


​Decoration & Design

Boring ol' classrooms are not it.

​Visit our showcase schools to see classrooms transforming with butterfly art. For students. View our galleries to witness the chrysalis classroom transform throughout the year.

Built for students, by students.

Yea, a website made by professionals might be cool. Can you relate though? Movies, Books, Videos. All and everything made by Butterfly Scholars™ is and always will be made by students.

Always Students.

Always Learning.

Education shouldn't be boring!
Our wingquest is to make it relevant to modern issues in a digital world.


"Butterfly Scholars use media to discover moments of transition."

Discover the world through different perspectives! Share your vision... find your voice... beat the rhythm of your own drum...sing the tune of your own melody! Butterfly Scholars are artistically talented, career minded and always learning!


Quote Mark
"Wow it's actually so much fun!"

Media Crew 

"It's so cool being a camera man, recording is actually really flexible"


"We learn so many things and in so many ways!"


Talent & Crew

Quote Mark

Meet The Butterfly Scholars Media Crews

Wingspan - Class of 2023