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Poverty Ain't a Joke...What's Going on in Venezuela?

By: Zoe R.

Not only are other countries, such as Venezuela, going through poverty but, the U.S also suffers when these countries are suffering. According to the CFR, “As the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela escalates and the political situation deteriorates, the exodus of Venezuelans to neighboring countries is expected to continue. The strain on aid groups and regional governments to support refugees and asylum seekers may further expand what has already become a regional crisis. The United States has stated its interest in mitigating the humanitarian crisis and preventing further destabilization of the region”.

The people of Venezuela are suffering and have no one to rely on as of right now. Millions of people have fled the country on FOOT as of 2019. The U.S has stepped in with funding and other things such as housing, feeding the refugees, etc… According to the U.S department of state, “The United States announced today nearly $376 million in new humanitarian assistance to respond to the needs of vulnerable Venezuelans in Venezuela, Venezuelan refugees and migrants, and their generous host communities across the region. This announcement makes good on our commitments under the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection and demonstrates our solidarity with the Venezuelan people and our ongoing commitment to strengthening the international response to this crisis.”

The U.S has stepped in and helped Venezuela, imagine all the other countries who could be helped if the U.S steps in. The U.S has a big advantage especially since they have a lot of money and are more advanced than some countries. Let’s help others in need so that other countries can get the protection they need.



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