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Get Out, Burnout!

By: Gael Bialas

Do you ever feel that you don't care about anything anymore? Do you ever feel as if you're being pushed too far? Do you ever feel like the world is ending? If you do, you may be suffering from burnout. Burnout is one of many complications of stress, as with anxiety and chronic stress, and its widespread reach is reaching the crisis point. Teenage burnout and Adult burnout are related in that they generally share the same symptoms and complications, and typically share the same triggers.

Causes of Burnout in teens.

Everyone knows that teens are overworked(Unless you don't); That teachers overwhelm students with homework. It also doesn't help that the school day starts so early! Students call in sick to get the sleep they missed, and they are already overwhelmed with any AP classes or Competitive Sports teams they participate in. All of this is too much for many teens to handle, especially as they go through hormonal changes that affect their everyday lives. Extremes of activity are also the reason for burnout in all ages, with either a too-hectic or too-monotonous life taking a toll on mental health.

Complications and Symptoms of Burnout

Of course, there are always symptoms or complications that may arise from any mental problem. High blood pressure, for example, is one complication of burnout. Heart disease is another major complication, alongside Anorexia (Over-Exercising) and Binge-Eating Disorder (Over-Eating) Gastrointestinal problems are also potential complications of burnout. Exhaustion is an obvious complication, but suicide is also common in victims of severe burnout, due to the sheer emotional damage suffered. Teen's lack of social life, or the one they have rapidly deteriorating, is also a very major complication, alongside insomnia and substance abuse. Add migraines, cynicism, deteriorating/dysfunctional relationships, and irritability to that list and you've got yourself a nice, cool burnout sundae. Make sure to add a nice heaping of existential dread as the cherry on top.

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