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Sincere Quinones

Award-Winning Journalist and Photographer​​

behind the camera


There’s nothing Sincere can’t do! 

You name it ... he’s does it!

Most recently Sincere has made himself known as a cameraman and entrepreneur. As a featured photographer and videographer at Chrysalis Camera, SIncere has established the photography brand Sinflickz,. His dedication, diverse skills, avid mind and a sensitive heart make Sincere Quinones an artist to be reckoned with.



Sincere has acted in multiple films including the new animated cartoon, Vashti. In the film he plays himself and does the voiceover for his character. 

Sincere is also well-known for being the youngest person to deliver the opening pitch for Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Team. Sincere has used his influence as an actor to be a teen ambassador and speak up about gun violence. He organized and hosted a protest performance showcase against gun violence in Coney Island. Sincere organized and hosted the youth community event, "Make Your Point: Stop the Violence” drive focused on young children..  

For more information on Vashti visit



Host with the Most

Sincere Quinones is the top-rated youth host in NYC since he has hosted many events so far this year.

Sincere has entertained large audiences at sports and fashion events since he was six years old..  He continues to host fashion shows, award shows and performance showcases, bringing energy to every audience.

He has been the host of the LV Magazine Kids awards show for five years.


From field to studio

Teen Host

Sincere Quinones is the host of the award-winning show “Kids Want To Know.” Although it started out as a NYC interview show streaming on YouTube, the "Kids Want to Know" Show grew to become a talented youth ensemble recording across the country. As co-producer of the show, Sincere leads the show to even more success in a recording studio with a live audience.

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