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Should U.S. Send Troops?

By Kiran Rivera

Those who live in Colombia live in poverty due to controversial economic, and government systems need help or some sort of push to get back on their feet. To be of service to other countries is crucial so they can focus on repairs. For example Colombia, due to outbreaking violent attacks and there is currently a lot of homelessness because of the poor economic system and cycle. They’re currently vulnerable and weak and have a lack of resources. The U.S. has come to help and support them as generous allies. As Civil Protection says, “the EU has funded more than 60 humanitarian projects to support over 2 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees living in Colombia. The aim is to guarantee that they have adequate access to healthcare, education, and protection.” This shows that now since there are more U.S. help and funds more Colombian refugees are able to have a home or somewhere where they can have a roof over their head. They could create a home or just be safe in general. The United States is trying their best to make Colombia a safer place for adolescents, or just anyone in general. “The United States is committed to cooperating with Colombia to investigate, arrest, prosecute, and disrupt the members of transnational criminal organizations and terrorist groups whose activities, especially narcotrafficking, are devastating to the citizens of both countries.” The United States is now taking military action to keep Colombia's citizens safe and sound with a stable economy system.


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