Want to die early? Vape now!

By: Beck Novakovic


Many teens are peer pressured into using vapes. Most teens think that vaping is affecting your brain function and is extremely addictive. But that small percentage of teens that think vaping doesn't affect themselves are just hurting themselves. One teen at a school in Arkansas was using her JUUL (a JUUL is a vape), when it suddenly blew up in her face. Not only was the inside of her mouth burned, but her lips had blisters as well. Not only do vapes affect and damage your brain and lungs, they are also unpredictable.


Many parents who smoke try to shield their kids from their unhealthy habit -- but those who vape may not take the same precautions, a new study suggests. The study surveyed over 700 parents who smoked cigarettes, used e-cigarettes or both. The researchers found that most -- regardless of their product of choice -- had a "strict" smoke-free policy at home. Yet few e-cigarette users had banned vaping from their homes: Only around one-quarter had done so -- versus 73 percent of parents who only smoked cigarettes. Altogether, the findings suggest that parents who vape are unaware of the risks to their kids, said senior researcher Dr. Jonathan Winickoff, of Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston.