Kill your Bad Habits, Not Yourself

Jex Perez

The Lawsuit

Recently, Juul Labs has been in a heated lawsuit against 4000 different

companies for false and unlawful advertising and marketing towards teens. There has been an agreement for Juul to pay 438 million dollars to 33 states and Puerto Rico for advertising and marketing addictive substances to minors, but why is this an issue? What is so appalling about the marketing of Juul, and why has this become a widespread issue across the United States Of America?

The Statistics

According to the FDA Organization, about 1 in 10 students in middle and high school use e-cigarettes (14.1%) This is a huge difference compared to the one percent or lower of kids using cigarettes. Why is there such a divide

between these two products, even when statistically speaking, there are no differences in health

over time, and how there is no difference in satisfaction and addiction. For that, we have to look back to 1930.

History Of E-Cigarettes