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Caterpillar Chronicles of Ms. Chrys - Day 1

Everything happens for a reason!

I left school today with a feeling of accomplishment since I finished editing the yearbook and I came home to a box that was marked “URGENT ! OPEN IMMEDIATELY!”  


How long has this box been sitting here? 🦋🤔🦋

I rushed to open the box, scattered the styrofoam peanuts and to my delight…

This year’s caterpillars were in the box! 🦋🤩🦋

But they were sitting eerily still inside containers.


OH NO!!! Were they inside too long?🦋😱🦋

Would I have recognized the box on the table if I were still stuck on yearbook? IDK 🦋🤦🏽‍♀️🦋

Grateful that I had this AHA MOMENT, I placed the two cups on top of the desk and stared at the still black squiggles inside…

And then…

One moved! And then another! 🦋😁🦋

I don’t know how many of them are alive though. 


So what happens next? 🦋🤔🦋

Butterfly Fact : 

Butterflies are DIURNAL, which means they are awake in the day and sleep at night. They could have been sleeping all day or they could have thought inside  the dark box still seemed like night. 🦋🧐🦋

Life Lesson :

 Some things must end in order for others to begin. This is the beginning of May so I just finished participating in an intense writer’s circle for National Poetry Month. But now that the month of April is over, I have time to focus on the next beginning.


Some things must end

in order for others to begin. 


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