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Body Imagery

By: Aerin and Angela

Some people when they look in the mirror, see at least one thing that they dislike about their physical appearance. Wanting to idealize images on social media of the flawless human perfections, but also being aware of their own physical appearances.

What is body imagery though? Body image refers to how an individual sees their own body and the feelings associated with their body. Lots of people have problems or dislikes some part of their body such as weight, skin, hair, or the shape of their body.

On social media or in magazines, they want you to love your own body, but also want you to either get a tiny waist, abs, the list can go on. A lot of people suffer from body imagery. In one article called “Body image Statistics 2022: 46+ shocking Facts & Stats” it says, “In more than 50,000 adults, 60% of women thought they were too heavy and were self-conscious about their weight, 30% reported being too uncomfortable in a swimsuit, and 20% thought that they were unattractive” This shows that the number of people being insecure about their bodies are going up, and that shouldn’t happen because all bodies are beautiful. Another reason why some people have issues with body image is because of social media.

In the article by New York Times “What Students Are Saying About How Social Media Affects Their Body Image”, There is this one section where it talks about how social media has greatly affected this girl's view on their body. She says “ There are beautiful people online, and with TikTok’s “that girl” or “small waist” trends, I wonder why I can’t have the same flat, toned stomach or the same tiny, hourglass waist despite all the exercising and healthy eating I do. Recently I have been feeling bad about my appearance, fully knowing that I have a healthy body and that I should be grateful to have a body that other girls want.” This is one reason why social media has a bad side because it can cause other people to feel not good or not pretty enough for society because of these trends on social media and that might bring down their self esteem on their own body.

What is a positive body image? To have a positive body image means that, that person feels or is comfortable with their body or have a positive relationship with how their body looks.

There are so many ways to be more positive about your body. Like make a list of your positive qualities or refrain from comparing yourself to others, develop your strength, learn to love yourself, give positive affirmations, and remember that you are unique. We should all appreciate our own bodies the way they are.

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