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Inside the Chrysalis

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Jaiel Butterfly has TEA with DeePassionate1 in this conversational segment that discusses how women can be inspired by writing and music. These Chrysalis Queens spend TIME, ENERGY and ATTENTION on becoming their butterfly beautiful best selves! Watch these dynamic ladies sip and share their stories.

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“There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” - Toni Morrison

Inside the Chrysalis: Welcome

Meet the Host:
Jaiel Butterfly / Chrysalix

As a native New Yorker,  Jessica Elexis Monroe was inspired and influenced by the many forms of art and performance. Jessica has been an author for 30 years using poetry, music and graphic design to express ideas and emotions. As an educator she has dedicated the past 18 years to empower young minds to find their voices. 


While she modeled the Metamorphosis Media Magic method for her students, Jessica created the character personas of Jaiel Butterfly and Chrysalix. While Jaiel Butterfly explores nature and the lexicon of language through creative writing, Chrysalix composes a symphony soundtrack and belts out magical melodies. Jaiel Butterfly and Chrysalix combined create the superhero selfie dynamic that is illustrated in images of the podcast theme song.

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Join the Chrysalis Queens & Kings and Metamorphosis Mentors in conversations about life experiences, poetic narration and an epic soundtrack. 

The Chrysalis uses poetry, music and art to inspire new creations and ideas.

Featured Guests Inside the Chrysalis 


"When pain is channeled through poetry it becomes prophecy." -Deepassionate1

Denice Martin-Thompson explores literacy and language with the persona of Deepassionate1 Trinigirl. Denice is a literacy specialist with incarcerated youth and transforms experiences of pain into prophetic moments of inspiration. Her poetry is made even more powerful with her expressive voice. Dee hosts TEA  Inside the Chrysalis and has intimate conversations with Jaiel Butterfly about spending TIME ENERGY and ATTENTION to becoming Better Over Bitter despite all circumstances. Deepassionate1 also hosts Trinigirl Training, a Caribbean flavored cardio workout. As one woman with two personalities, Dee offers 3 experiences for her clients that she gives a sneek peek of whenever she graces the Chrysalis with her presence. Grab your writer's notebook and spend some T.E.A. with Dee each time she enters the Chrysalis. It is guaranteed to be TIME, ENERGY and ATTENTION worth sharing.

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