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"Butterfly Scholars use media to discover moments of transition."

Jasmine Monroe

Host of Butterfly Scholars


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Zoom into a Morpho Butterfly Wing

Blue Morphos are one of the most vibrant and recognizable butterflies. Watch this video to see a super close MACRO video that zooms in on a Morpho wing with an optical microscope.

Unique Caterpillars

Although caterpillars don't get the spotlight when we think of butterflies, every butterfly starts out as one. Check out this website to see some uniquely shaped and colored caterpillars.

Raise Butterflies

If you are interested in raising your own butterflies, research this website to see which butterflies are native to the different regions in the United States. You can watch the metamorphosis before your very eyes!

This website explores the migration of the monarch butterfly. The author of this blog went on a trip to Aguangueo, Mexico to observe the Monarch butterflies in a 14,000 acre National Sanctuary called "Monarcha Mariposa."

Butterflies of North America

There are over 17,000 species of butterflies. Each species lives in certain regions around the world. Browse this interactive list of butterflies found in North America.

This website explores the various species of butterflies in their specific regions around the world.

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Map in Grass

Learn About Butterflies

Chrysalis Camera combines multimedia with the imagery of the beautiful butterfly.  ​Butterflies are our mascot because they are symbolic of change, transformation and metamorphosis.

Learn more about butterfly species around the world by clicking the links on this page.

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 Learn About Butterflies

Inspired by Nature

"As a young scholar I was enchanted by the symmetrical beauty and transformative life cycle of the BUTTERFLY. With the butterfly as a familiar, I empower creative minds to become Butterfly Scholars...always learning...always exploring."

~ Jessica Monroe

Butterfly Scholars create text, self and world connections by making analogies to the existence of the beautiful butterfly.

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