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What is causing children to be obese and who is responsible for it?

Noah Lopez

Who is responsible for childhood obesity? For my position parents should be the ones who take more responsibility for their children's weight, not schools. Let me explain why. Out of my two reasons the first one is because parents are the only ones who should have control over what their child eats, what fast foods they are eating and the child themselves. My last reason is because parents are role models for their children so it's up to the parent to set good initiatives for their children, one of them being what foods to eat to guarantee good health.

According to article #1 on the last phrase it states “ two-thirds of parents blamed themselves. After all, especially for younger kids, parents are the only ones that have control over all of these things.” Article #2’s evidence also justifies that “ children tend to eat what their parents eat.” For example young adolescents are more likely to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day if their parents do so. But New research here also states that “ if parents are eating poorly, chances are their kids are too.” This means that the number of obese children will rise and nearly 30 percent of California's teens are also obese causing a multidimensional problem.

Now let’s talk about the counterclaim. The opposing claim emphasizes that schools should take more responsibility for their students’ weight. Other People lean toward this claim because the department of education has PE classes and addresses food well with students with obesity. In the starting article titled: Who is responsible for childhood obesity, it claims “ Schools are getting involved in solving the problem. Some, like Mildred Avenue, restrict the snacks students can buy.” I will admit that this is a pretty effective choice as the schools are trying to solve the conflict and using primary ideas. This article's evidence also claims that “ other schools are offering more gym classes to emphasize The importance of exercise.” This is definitely a good plan especially, and the schools are now sending notices warning parents that their child might be overweight.

So who do you think is responsible for childhood obesity schools or children’s parents? I feel like some parents might be feeling angry knowing that the school is getting involved but it’s for the best. But looking back at my evidence I still feel that parents are totally responsible for the obesity issue instead of the department of education as parents are the ones who should maintain control for the kid and do what’s best for them.


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