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Use drugs as a teen... If you want to fail in life!

Teen Perspective

A type of drug shaped into a skull to show what will happen if you do drugs

It's a normal day in school and your friend walks in, but he seems off… Drugs, From the teen perspective it may seem like something cool, the new style, but it’s not and it’s taking America's younger population by storm. Kids are being introduced and exposed to drugs even younger every year. If you don't believe me just look at this evidence. In 2019 alone over 4,700 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 overdosed and died on different drugs including heroin, cocaine, and where the most deaths came from, opioids. If you don't believe me just visit

Parent Perspective

A kid being peer pressured to try something

The parent perspective on drugs may be something that some parents think that their perfect little kid will never be effected by, or something that's only in other places. But it's everywhere and could be affecting anyone's child. Something to help with this is to have a talk with your child about how drugs could effect them and how they should not let their friends peer pressure them into the irresistible addiction that is drugs. According to "In 2003 more than 7.5 million individuals aged 12 to 17 reported having used an illicit (Illicit means illegally used) drug at least once in their lifetime." This shows that tons of young teens are suffering from abusing drugs at a young age and is why parents have to have this talk with their kids about drugs at a young age.

The Consequences Of Kids Using Drugs

Overdose victim

Their are many consequences to kids using drugs but it will inevitably be bad. Teens will develop a craving to them and not be able to resist the temptation to use the drugs more and more. The reason of this is that drugs are full of addictive chemicals. Things that can result from kids doing drugs is having an overdose that can even kill. Also teens will feel extremely drained when not on the drugs and this can cause them to feel the extreme need to do it more. This would cause a serious problem with kids doing it again and again until death.

How To Fix This Problem

Kids when they don't use drugs

I think that what we need to do to fix this problem is all parents need to have a conversation with their kids before the drugs get to them not after. This would get kids to realize the results of using drugs before they get hooked. Also city's and town's need to cut down on drugs especially in school areas. This would really help keeping drugs out of kids hands and even if the drugs did get in their hands the parents teaching them how they are bad would help them not take the drugs.



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