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Teen smoking, the next epidemic

By: Sebastian Taveras, Charles Blagg, and Angel Luna

Vaping is an extremely controversial topic

Real Facts About Vaping.

1. Vaping could expose your lungs to toxic metals such as nickel, lead, chromium, aluminum, and tin.

2. Vapes can expose you to nicotine which can cause cravings and other symptoms of addiction.

3. Vapes contain acrolein which can cause irreversible lung damage

4. Vaping can alter a teens mental health and the chemicals inside of them can cause lung damage.

These are just a few of the terrible things that you are exposed to when vaping. If you are still wondering if there are more then visit websites such as and

If you know the side affects and the problems that arise with vaping and you still do it then I suggest that you talk to a therapist or a quitting vape hotline for help. If you vape and you don't know if you are addicted then I suggest that you visit The Real Cost website to learn more.

If you are still feeling like you cant stop then that's okay. There are more than enough websites and help centers to get you through it. If you need help I suggest that you visit the website,

Why Kids Use Cigarettes/e Cigarettes:

Sometimes kids as young as 11 or 12 are exposed to different types of cigarettes and e-Cigarettes in different places. This has a major impact on the kids. Sometimes they are pressured into it through peer pressure. Kids in school might think that it is cool and not know the consequences of it. Sometimes they see family members smoking and think that its okay, the problem is that it is never ok. people think that it could reduce stress and make you feel better but in reality it doesn't. Vapes can cause more stress and make you feel worse, this is because if you don't have this vape then you will feel worse than when you weren't using it because it makes you crave it with no end. A vape or any type of cigarette contains extremely harmful chemicals such as nicotine, acrolein, lead, etc.

According to our own research 97% of the people we asked in the I.S. 318 school have never thought about vaping. This makes the chart much more valid because it shows that the amount of kids deciding to vape is decreasing drastically.

This is a chart of the amount of kids in high school who use a vape product from 2014-2021. This is solid evidence pointing to the fact that kids are becoming more exposed to harmful products. This could be through peer pressure, family, outside world, or even the media. In this chart we see a major spike in 2019. There are many reasons to this. It might be the way that they are advertised, making it seem like the greatest thing ever.

This is a chart of the predicted vape market. As seen here it is predicted that there will be a major uptick in the amount of vapes sold. According to the first chart showing the amount of kids using these products we are led to believe that a large majority of this upwards march is being led by kids in high school mostly.

Lots of kids are too young and their body and mind can not adapt to this new substance and it causes Immense drawbacks on the child's social life, academic life, and personal life.

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