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Teen issue: Body image

Mia Landin and Elizabeth

What is body image?

Body image, an issue many teens struggle with. Body image is how you see yourself in the mirror or how you picture yourself in your mind. Teenagers can get influenced by the people around them and by the media. This can lead them to having different looks on their body. Having a negative body image can cause low self-esteem. Some disorders that we will be talking about that Cana cause body image issues can be, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, body dysmorphic disorder and depression.


Almost everyone experiences body image issues at least once in their life. A big misconception is that people with eating disorders are the ones who have body image issues but anyone can. Being insecure about your body can greatly affect your mental health. You can develop the following:

Anorexia Nervosa: People with this disorder are extremely scared of gaining weight. They can perceive themselves as overweight even though they are grossly underweight.

Bulimia Nervosa: People with this disorder are concerned about their bodyweight and shape and are not satisfied with their weight.

Body Dysmorphic disorder: People with this disorder can see a different or distorted viewpoint of themselves in the mirror then what they actually look like.

Depression: People with depression also see a distorted viewpoint of themselves and usually believe they are less attractive then what they actually are.

It's not just girls!

Most people think it's only girls who have body image problems because of the exposure to many body pressures at at young age. Although it is true, ALL genders deal with body image issues. Boys are often ignored when people talk about body image but they deal with almost as much as girls do. Some might even get underdiagnosed when it comes to disorders that are caused by body image.

Men also grow with body pressures. they're expected to be muscular, leaner, taller and many more. They try to get a lot of protein in, in order to stay muscular but also try to stay lean. This is nearly an impossible body to have! Body image issues for girls can be just as equivalent to body image issues for guys.

What do others think?

86% percent of women and men are dissatisfied with their bodies and only 2% would consider themselves beautiful. 63% of women and men think weight is the key factor to how they picture themselves. This goes to show just how prime body image is.

In a survey we did, we found that 70% people in our school Would change something on their body, 40% are unhappy with the way they look, 40% are uncomfortable changing in the school lockers, 45% are not comfortable in all types of clothing and only 60% find themselves attractive.

How can we fix this?

Many people struggle with body image so what can we do to solve this problem? Well for starters, you have to accept your body. Instead of constantly critiquing it try to befriend it. Try not to say bad things about your body, whether it's out loud or not. It could help boost your self-esteem and help you feel more confident about your body. Break the bad habits of putting your body down. Tell yourself what you like about your body instead of what you don’t.

You, and all of us, have to learn to love our body. Try to find something you like about yourself. If your struggling think of a compliment someone said to you. Be proud of your body. It helps you do amazing things like run, dance, climb and ,any more. your body is always their for you, so be their for it to. Don't ignore you body's need eat, stretch and sleep when you need to.

Make sure that you eat healthy, take care of your body. Also be sure to get a lot of sleep. You'd be surprised by how much sleep can effect you mentally and physically. Try to maintain a healthy weight. If you want to try a diet be sure to go over it with a parent and a doctor. If you need help with your body image and self-esteem you can see a a doctor or a therapist or you can talk to a parent. Never feel like your alone, your feelings are valid and there are plenty of people that can help you. Just Remember, You‘re not alone!

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