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Ready to Launch?

Mood - mournful but poised

"I'm ready" the caterpillar says

and she journeys to consume the world

"I'm ready" the caterpillar says

but she only changes her clothes

"I'm ready" the caterpillar says

and then she goes to fill her cup

"I'm ready" the caterpillar says

but then she just throws up

"I'm ready" the caterpillar says

she quests to perch with a vantage point above

"I'm ready for war" she bellows

and she wraps the armor or words around her mind

"I'm ready" she thinks

as she turns inside her chrysalis

"I'm ready to change" she cries from inside

but she is not yet ready to emerge

"I'm ready" shakes the chrysalis

to ward away the evil thoughts

and when the echoes outside subside

she peaks through the crevice

she allowed the world to see her through

"I'm ready" she yawns and stretches

the chrysalis splits in two

"I'm ready" she shivers

but her wings are not full in the sunlight

"I'm ready" the butterfly says fluttering her wings

in her sight she views a clear vision

"I'm ready" she smiles as she spreads her wings wide

"I'm ready" she strains

to release every single thing remaining

"I'm ready" the butterfly whispers

she is a new creation

"I'm ready" the butterfly screams

"I'm ready to launch!"

Be still my beautiful butterfly and reinforce your wings

Complete your flight plan

It is almost time to fly

And you must be prepared

to fall into flight

Are you ready?



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