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Come Inside the Chrysalis

Inside the chrysalis a world of wonder awaits. Listen to this new video podcast that merges poetry and music with a motivational conversation format.

The "Inside the Chrysalis" video podcast is a unique combination of music appreciation, writing inspirations, discussions of life connections and nurturing of the love of creative expression.

Our podcast guests are career professionals and performing artists who not only share their talents and expertise with our scholars, but they always leave the chrysalis having imparted words of wisdom for the topic of that day.

Full podcast episodes are available on our Chrysalis Camera YouTube channel powered by PodBean along with additional content created by the Chrysalis Camera media production company. You can view episodes right here on our website and learn more about each of our participating scholars and Metamorphosis Mentors who are featured guests on the show.

Podcast episodes are the exclusive location of new music and songs debuted from the ever growing "Chrysalix: Eternal Wings Symphony" of 90+ songs. The music within the symphony establishes itself as an eclectic instrumental genre with deep percussion heartbeats, intense strings, and melodic piano riffs. Selected songs within the symphony are remastered and become the accompanying music to the clear and angelic voice of Chrysalix.

Vocal albums of Chrysalix will be premiered simultaneously with Jaiel Butterfly poemsong novels. Each set of thematically matching album EPs and poemsong novels will be featured on the video podcast in VIP invite only listening parties and book releases.

You can become a VIP member of "Inside the Chrysalis" in several ways:

  • Support our creative and education efforts by becoming a donating patron

  • Enroll your child in the Chrysalis Camera Summer Academy for them to become a Butterfly Scholar

  • Apply to be a Metamorphosis Mentor and be interviewed as a featured guest on the podcast.

  • Apply to be a Teachers D.R.E.A.M. Educator to incorporate Metamorphosis Media Magic lessons and projects into your online and in person classrooms.

  • Endorse "Inside the Chrysalis" on your social media platforms and tag us at



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