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Juainny Lopez


Colleges should use affirmative action. Some might believe the criteria used to admit students in colleges are wrong and or unfair. Many disagree and believe the aspect of affirmative action is good and helps colleges reveal more diversity . Here are 3 reasons why some believe affirmative action is necessary. One reason is it helps colleges be more equal. This reason believes colleges are not equal and with affirmative action it is. Another reason is it helps Latinos and blacks succeed. This reason shows that affirmative action can help Latinos and blacks achieve success in their future. Last reason is if we don't have affirmative action it wouldn't be good. This reason shows how not having affirmative action could

affect colleges a lot. All of these reasons prove the first claim.

Colleges should use affirmative action. Not convinced? Here are 3 pieces of evidence from 3 different articles that prove my claim. Evidence from article 1 to prove reason 1 is policies are needed to better resolutions and equality "policies are needed to prevent inequality from being passed on to the next generation. Without affirmative action minority students may be less likely to be admitted to elite colleges." Article 1 proves reason 2 that affirmative action helps minority students get into better colleges it prevents discrimination which means that affirmative action is providing equality. Evidence from article 4 to support reason 2 is "research has shown that once admitted to top tier institution schools, low income-students complete their degree at higher rates and earn almost as much as wealthy students" Article 4 proves that when minority students are admitted they become more wealthy and get better intelligence and can propel them to their future meaning affirmative action is giving these students a better future. Article 3 proves reason 3, abandoning affirmative action will lead to conflicts. Evidence to prove this is "Abandoning it would lead to sharp decline in diversity" article 3 shows that abandoning affirmative action could lead to 0 diversity meaning that affirmative action helps colleges stay balanced and have characteristic .

In conclusion, colleges should use affirmative action. I've provided 3 reasons and proved all of them with evidence. Colleges should use affirmative action, it helps minority students and taking it away would not be very standardized . Some

might say that taking away affirmative action would improve our correspondence to equality and diversity, but it wouldn't. Taking away affirmative action would decline the amount of black and Latinos in high end schools and could lead to them not being as wealthy as others. What do you think about affirmative action? Is it the key to equality or is it the guard blocking that door?



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