Lord-Akhenaton Allah Monroe

Memorial June 30,2020

Lifetime Legacy

  • Greatgrandson of Napoleon & Doris Allen

  • Great Grandson of Napoleon "Snaggs" Allen & Doris Allen

  • Grandson of Barbara Monroe & Cleopatra Gainey

  • Son of Dana Monroe & Anthony Divine Gainey

  • Husband of Jessica Monroe

  • Father of Shakirra (19), Ryan (16), Jasmine (12) & El'Shango (4)

  • Camp Herrelich - Camper & Counselor

  • Lincoln High School - graduated 1998

  • Daoist Tai Chi Kung - Practitioner

  • MAS Security

  • Private Security & Bodyguard 

  • Metal Lather - Local 46

  • Welding Instructor - The Learning Center

  • Prince Hall F.A.M. - Cornerstone #37 Lodge

  • Wake up Now - Associate

  • We Can ALL Profit - Entrepreneur

  • Novae Money - Associate

  • MyEcon - Associate

  • Coquito King - Aspiring Chef 

  • Djembe Drummer - Drums of Passion II

  • "No Main Topic" - Podcast Host

  • 1718Collective - Promoter

  • YNN Crew - Artist

  • Community Education Council 12 - Councilmember

  • Chrysalis Camera, LLC. - Founding Member

  • "Eternal Wings" Symphony - co-composer

  • Amazon (Staten Island warehouse) - Packing & Shipping Associate


Social Media Posts

Lord's Words of Wisdom

Part 2 follows social media posts of Lord Monroe that describe his life, thoughts and feelings in his own words. The accompanying music was composed by Lord Akhenaton and Lady Jessica Monroe (included on the Eternal Wings Symphony)


Lord & Lady Monroe

Legacy of Love

Part 3 is a chronicle of the life long love between Lord Akhenaton Monroe and his wife Jessica Monroe. They met at the age of 12 in summer camp and forged a bond that not even death could break. The accompanying music was composed by Lord Akhenaton & Lady Jessica Monroe (included on Eternal Wings Symphony)


Father of 4

Lord Monroe Memorial

Part 4 highlights Lord Monroe as the father of four amazing children: Shakirra (19), Ryan (16), Jasmine (12) and EL'Shango (4). Accompanying music was composed by Lord Akhenaton & Lady Jessica Monroe (included on Eternal Wings Symphony playlist)


Tribute to 
Our Father

Lord Monroe Memorial

Ryan, Jasmine and El'Shango pray together and remember the life of their father Lord Akhenaton Allah Monroe


Legacy of Literacy

Lord Monroe Memorial

Part 6 includes life lessons from Lord's podcast "No Main Topic". Video footage provided by S. Street Media.


Lord Monroe Memorial

Legacy of a Lifetime

This is part 7 of the memorial including a performance by Dr. Claudia Moore-Hamilton and an upbeat musical selection from the Eternal Wings Symphony. The images and videos shown are of Lord Akhenaton Allah Monroe with family and friends.